Hey there! I'm Tanmoy.

I am a third year computer science major at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. My concentrations are in Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction. In addition to software development in general, my interests lie in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and mobile development. The two things I value the most are innovation and good teamwork. I have had the pleasure of working on cutting-edge and meaningful tech with great teams through the course of my career and I am always looking for more opportunities to do so.

Over the past summer I was a software enginnering intern at NCR Corporation where I worked on an AR iOS application to increase customer engagement and an App Clips for their whitelabel application for iOS 14. Additionally, I have been working in Dr. Thad Starner's lab at Georgia Tech as an Undergraduate Researcher where I have developed AR applications for the Microsoft Hololens , Magic Leap One, and Google Glass and conducted empirical comparative studies, analysed data, and performed hypothesis testing on a study comparing them against the industry standard. I also recently completed my undergraduate thesis on the same topic! I am currently involved in research on AI through symbiosis in the same lab. In addition to this, I will be serving as a Teaching Assistant for CS 3510: Analysis of Algorithms and serving as an Executive Tech Lead of the GT iOS Club and am the Co-Founder and Secretary of the GT Mixed Reality Club.

Next summer, I will be a Software Engineering Intern at Apple.

Here's what I have been doing in college so far!

Where I have worked at

Software Engineering Intern: NCR Corporation - (iOS)

Developed an App Clip for iOS 14 based to enable restaurant orders without downloading actual apps using SwiftUI, Swift 5, Postman, Charles, and in-house APIs. Also made a POC AR app to improve customer engagement using ARKIT and Reality Composer.

Undergraduate Researcher - Contextual Computing Group

Performed a comparative study of the Magic Leap One, Microsoft Hololens, and Google Glass for sparse order picking and developed their AR applications using Unity & Android Studio under Dr Thad Starner. Developing the world’s first Symbiotic AI for error detections in order picking using OpenCV, Mediapipe Developer Alpha, C++ and collected and cleaned a training dataset of 5,000+ picks.

What I've been a part of

GT Mixed Reality Co-founder and Secretary

After doing AR development at a buncha hackathons and for research. My friends and I thought that it'd be cool to start our on club Mixed Reality development for building projects.

A few of the cool things I've made


Developed a program employing heuristic analysis of metadata to predict the trustworthiness of accounts and sources on social media with 90% accuracy.


A next generation retail solution for instant payments and recommendations of similar products in a store through barcode scanning on an AR app for Android and Google Glass


An augmented reality social media app using facial recognition based on Azure Cognitive Services, featuring 3D maps based on ArcGIS models, and user profiles on a Unity application for the Microsoft Hololens

What I'm upto right now

  • Just became an Executive Tech Lead for GT iOS Club
  • Co-founded GT Mixed Reality Club as the Secretary
  • Serving as a TA for CS 3510 Analysis of Algorthms
  • Working on a new WatchOS app
  • Sleeping for atleast 7 hours a day and doing yoga every morning cuz self care is important
  • Joined Omicron Delta Kappa
  • Completed my thesis
  • Working out (i literally took the weight training gym class online ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)